Portrait of a senior male business executive looking confidently

Our Message

We, in Abaker strive to solve complex problems in various fields. Starting from printing, to packaging, and all the way to logistics, and warehousing. Our goal was set from 1990 to provide our customers with the highest quality in terms of product, and services at competitive prices. In Abaker we share common values across our organization, which are Transparency, unity, collaboration, and accountability. Those shared values are the primary blocks of our workplace environment. We believe that such an environment increases productivity, and efficiency. Thus, leads to better decision making in the whole organization. We acknowledge all the challenges, and the successful stories that we had in the past 30 years, which helped us in establishing a prominent name in Saudi Arabia. However, we are in a continues growth, and we aim to have an effective role in the kingdom’s (2030) vision.

Nasser Al-Jarboa